The Facelift procedure provides a more youthful and natural appearance of the face and neck. The underlying facial tissues are lifted by repositioning the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS). The platysmal muscle of the neck is tightened. Excess adipose tissue of the face and neck is removed. The overlying skin is gently re-draped and trimmed to provide a firm and clean, but not over tightened appearance to the face and neck.


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Forehead Lift

The forehead lift is employed to rejuvenate the upper face. The wrinkled forehead and sagging eyebrows are repositioned minimizing the deep wrinkles between the brows, getting rid of that permanently worried or tired look that often occurs as a result of the aging process to the upper face. This lift can be performed endoscopically by making four small incisions in the hair and anchoring the lift with an absorbable implant. The hairline is mildly elevated with this lift. The lift can also be performed via an incision hidden in the hairline which preserves the hairline.


Skin injections

Botox and filling agents (Restylane) are used to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkling. Botox is most often used in areas between the eyebrows for deep wrinkling or around the eyes. The filler agents are most often utilized in the folds around the mouth and nose or at the corners of the mouth. The lips can also be accentuated with careful application at the border between the lips and the skin.

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