Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP)


UPPP is done to reduce airway obstruction in the throat. This involves reducing the size of the uvula and shortening the length of the soft palate, and depending of the size of the tonsils, these may be removed as well (tonsillectomy).

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Somnoplasty is performed on the base tongue in patients with sleep apnea in order to reduce the volume of the posterior one third of the tongue or to tighten a lax soft palate which causes snoring. Somnoplasty utilizes radiofrequency to decrease the size of these areas.

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Adenoidectomy is often performed in conjunction with a tonsillectomy but can be a stand alone procedure. Adenoid tissue is similar to the tonsils and is normally only present in children. Like the tonsils, this tissue can be a source of chronic infection and effect the throat and ears of a patient.

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Tonsillectomy is the surgical procedure whereby the palatine tonsils are removed. It is performed for chronic sore throat, recurrent tonsil infections (whether streptococcal, viral, or other), and sleep apnea. Our practice adheres to a post-operative course of therapy that greatly aids in reducing the discomfort that is normally associated with having any throat surgery. This allows our patients to drink and eat aggressively even the day of surgery.

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